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RAW Opens on Waiheke

Richard, & Andrea from RAW on Putiki Road are passionate about fresh, quality and reasonably priced fruit and veges being accessible to everyone. Where possible RAW will be also stocking local produce at affordable prices, such as Ringawera bread, Waiheke cheeses, Hipi yoghurt and fresh lettuces.

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  It's about shopping in your street, your town, your district
  It's about jobs and community, it's about investing today for a prosperous tomorrow
  It's about making our towns better places to live, work and visit.

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i just took over e-cyclesNZ from lovely ROB -who at 80 decided hed done enough. So apart from renting out some electric assisted bikes every day my main goal is to put every one on waiheke on a bicycle -get out of your cars !!! #Cars cost the earth# and electric power flatten those hills & breathe the fresh air

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Timmy Smith - Capturing Memories
Timmy’s jewellery pieces are treasures that enable you to hold connections to special times, places and people.
A person experiences great satisfaction in choosing one of her creations as a gift for self or others.
Specialising in:

  • Creating Memory Lockets
  • Consultations and Documentation
  • Group and Individual Sessions
  • Remodel jewellery.

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Cut'n'Paste manufacture and distribute an environmentally friendly alternative to spraying here on the Island. Cut'n'Paste and Bamboo Buster Weed Gel from Placemakers.

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The Goldie Room on Goldie Vineyard is a spacious and elegant function venue and Cafe in the heart of Waiheke Island overlooking the magnificent Putiki Bay.
Enjoy delicious, abundant vineyard dining, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with great service & excellent Waiheke wines.
Our menu changes weekly to reflect the fresh, seasonal and local dishes we are known for, so please stop by for a wine or a platter and get to know this hidden Waiheke treasure!

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